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30 Nov 2016, 09:02 AM
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Evaluating career coherence

This Peer Assignment, will help you evaluate the "coherence" of your career. By coherence we mean the harmony between your chosen occupation(s), personal attributes and preferences, and career aims.

This assignment is intended to be commented by your peers so that you will be able gain feedback on your entries. Please appreciate the effort of your peers by giving structured, useful feedback.

Please respond to the following tasks:

Task 1: In 1-2 sentences, please describe your career so far. What degree have you gained; and what professional experience do you have?
- What is your career path type? (technical, project, leadership or entrepreneurial)

Task 2: In 1-2 sentences, please describe what tasks, events or subjects you have most enjoyed in your past work and studies, and why.

Task 3: From the following list of career aims, select the 2-3 most important to you:
- Maintain job stability and security to plan ahead
- Satisfy family expectations
- Quickly assume new responsibilities and earn a high salary
- Become independent and realise your unique lifestyle
- Grow your expertise and capabilities, earn respect
- Realise your passion, work for a sense of purpose
- Use your creativity and express yourself

Task 4: Imagine that you have decided to seek a new job. Having applied, an employer has invited you to a job interview.
a) Please describe the job you would have applied to.
b) The interviewer asks what your three most important personal strengths for that job are. What will you answer?
c) In which ways would you like to grow and develop in your new job?
d) How likely is this position to involve tasks or events that you named under task 2?
e) How likely is this position to allow you achieve the aims you selected in task 3?

My career plan

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I am an English teacher with British council certificate. I teach many level from toddler to managerial level, and vary subjects depend on students oriented.
My favorites class is a professional class. Someone who need my services to gain their knowledge to study abroad, to gain their career, or to move to other country. I love this class because they have great motivation and I can learn from their subject. It is symbiosis mutualism.
I would like to be creative and express myself. Teaching is an art. This career also make me easily to gain expertise and capability. In addition, I want to maintain my job stability and security. I don't think I will ever be a pensioner but I would like to think for my future too.
I would like to apply professional teacher in professional field.
In the interview I will tell my interview that I am international citizen, alterable and the most important is, I understand many field since I have work in many field before. I believe my skill and knowledge can advantage the clients.
By teaching in a company I can collect many data which help me to gain my expertise, express my self and be creative with my skill to make people understand the lesson. This job will give me security, stability and steady path into my future.
I hope this answer will help me.


almost 2 years ago

Hello Dewi, thanks for posting your plans - I hope you will achieve your goals!
Best regards

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