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Certificate of Accomplishment

You chose to do a certificate of accomplishment. In order to help you prepare for the final assignment, you will get a task in each chapter to guide you there.

In this chapter, we would like you to devise three different theses relating to Global Culture in an Asian art context. Elaborate in 300 chars your three theses in your own words. You are free to express them in writing, via video or in an audio-file.

Please publish your three theses in your journal. Please use the title «CCAA theses (chapter 3)» and publish it with the setting of permissions set at «public» or «course».

We are looking forward to your entries!

CCAA theses (chapter 3)

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When we talk about the global culture in an Asian art context at first we can look at the influence of the western art tendencies on the Asian artists. As we follow up through this online course the western art practices had a great influence on the development on the contemporary art in those countries. They get out of their traditional school and begin to talk the same contemporary language with the rest of the world. Through that development they catch the attention of the western curators and art investors and the asian art works were brought to the west. And here we can talk about a new era. Because the Asien artist have figured out that he has to differentiate himself from the other western contemporary artists. So he begins to refer to his own cultural identity in a contemporary way. Because at this point identity and to be different and authentic has an important role. And in the end case we see cooporations between western and eastern artists creating artworks together. Which I cal the real globalism, where everybody brings their own authenticity and create hybrid works together.


over 1 year ago

I get the impression you are saying there must be a common vocabulary in the art world that artists work with and everyone can understand, while at the same time there must be some differentiating way of using that vocabulary in order for Asian artists to contribute something unique to the art world.

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