Presentation Skills for Business

Chapter II - Unit 3 : Preparation techniques visual mapping


My 6 W :

What am I expound in this public intervention ?
Explainig what are the three biggest take-away of my former job. My new colleagues are testing me, I have to convince them that I have things to share.

How am I going to do it ?
It is really informal, it's lunch time we are just having a casual conversation. I shouldn't be too formal or to overwhelming.

Whom am I presenting to ?
To my brand new colleagues. They know about the job they are doing but not about my previous one. They may not be subject matter experts but I am not sure about this so I should be cautious on that point.

When do I have to do it ?
It's lunch time, it could be a noisy surounding, my colleague won't be 100% focused on what I am saying, I have to keep it untertaining.

Where is it going to take place ?
At the food court which is not the best place to present, around a table. My colleagues will be very close to me which can be a litlle bit disturbing

Why am I intervening ?
Because I am asked to. As a new comer they want to know a litlle bit more about me and eventualy to test me.

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