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Create a journal entry: Where ist the CCAA heading?

Journal Assignment

After learning about the CCAA and its eventful history, in which direction do you see the award heading and why?

Share your experiences and have a look a the journals of other participants.
Feel free to comment.

Where ist the CCAA heading?


The CCAA started from being a research vehicle to map China's art scene to establishing an art award that brought Chinese artists to the forefront of the international art scene. Now that the art market has made it's way into the art scene, the award does not place it's focus on mapping the art scene of China and instead focuses on creating awareness for the art back to the people of China.
Future direction and challenges may include competing with other art awards, conflicting critiques between acclaimed critics across art prizes, the acceptance of more non-Chinese applicants than Chinese ones to the conflicting selfish agendas of the ever changing directors (a common issue dealing with the lack of transparency and clarity of the award's mission).etc.

The CCAA may seek to build second or third offices around China as a means to reach different regions & provinces if they are interested in creating an awareness among the Chinese people as many of which don't have an incentive or finances to travel all the way to Beijing to mix and mingle. Apart from existing as an award, they may wish to start initiatives and educational programs for high school, elementary and tertiary students that don't have the luxury of attending prestigious art schools. They may wish to start their own art fair (traveling shows) as an extra leverage in our world of growing art fairs.

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