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Create a journal entry: Define your goals


Please note in your journal what drives you to take part in the online course Chinese Contemporary Art Award and what goals you want to achieve with the course.

Goals for CCAA Course


As a practicing visual artist, gallerist and a passionate individual who has been constantly mesmerized and intrigued by art of the past and present from around the world, my primary reasons for taking this wonderful course is to update myself specifically on the Chinese contemporary art scene in the last few years and to learn more of the developments that surround the M+ Museum and Mr. Sigg's collection, the shocking censorship from the Chinese government during the 15-year anniversary show in Shanghai and much more!
I look forward to enriching myself for personal growth and to gain a fruitful experience in this wonderful course, as well as meet and connect with other classmates in the art industry in hopes of sparking possible collaborations.

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