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For participants who are aiming to do a:

Certificate of Accomplishment

In chapter 3 you devised three different theses.
In this chapter we would like you to have a look at a thesis from a fellow participant. Pick one, comment on it in the comment section and don’t hesitate to start a discussion. Your outside perspective on the thesis should help you to get a better understanding of the topic in order to shape your own question.

We are looking forward to your comments!

commenting another peer's thesis

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Wing Yee Winny Chan's 3rd thesis relating to Carole Ratsimandresy's thesis states:
"Following the globalization of Chinese contemporary art, the value of many artists have increased significantly. What determines their value?"

****I really love this question. This question can easily be related back to western contemporary art. What gives them value? And what determines good art and bad art? By winning a competition, does it make you the best artist? If more art collectors buy your art, does it mean you are a great artist? When powerful critics and jury members give you their stamp of approval, where is that approval based on?


Hi Kenneth
Thank you for further developing the questions of your co-students. I think there are different types of "value" to be determined when it comes to art. Does not always have to be the "financial" one, though it is an important one to many of the involved.
Personally, I always liked the thought of an "artists-artist" meaning an artist that is highly valued by his or her peers, in fact other artists.

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