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Creating a Culture of Learning for Martina

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Imagine Martina from Unit 3 again. She is working 40 hours a week and on top of that, needs to learn about managing and leading a team in an online training class.
So now Martina is trying to integrate her learning and training into her work. However, she feels uncomfortable reading a text or watching a video as part of her online training in front of her team at work. In the end, she decides to learn at home in her free time, making her more stressed than before.

Help Martina create a learning culture in her team or office!

For example: She could create a corner in the office with a flag on it, when it is learning time, every Friday afternoon for 2 hours. She could block her calendar, creating deadlines for herself to finish the tasks, have open conversations with her staff members about her learning experiences etc.

How can you support her?

There are quite a few ideas you can develop after having read all the implications that a corporate digital strategy involves in the main and the additional material.

Do you need more inspiration for the task? Then have a look at the following links and articles:

Put yourself in the shoes of the learner: This nicely written article in the Washington Post illustrates the power of spending two days as a learner and experiencing their everyday lives.

How much time do you spend on learning a week? This short article by Jane Hart includes a poll about how many hours people spend on learning. She also wrote about 5 steps towards Modern Workplace Learning. It is important is to see the change, be the change and support the change.

Or maybe you get some inspiration by a rather controversial article and push for employees to learn in their free time? Quentin Hardy wrote in the NY Times about how AT&T "Tells Its Workers: Adapt, or Else".

Find some images that visualize how you can help Martina and how Martina can create a culture of learning. Upload these images as part of your journal entry and your ideas so that we can collect them at the end and create a collage.

Learning Journey for Martinas Team


From my point of view Martina should start a learning journey together with her team. She can e.g. introduce a learning LAB-week, a format where everyone has a 3-day or even a week timeframe to develop his/her competences. A common kick-off meeting would help to clarify the idea and objective (learning culture in the team, continuous improvement, innovation management, individual growth and development) and also allows the team to set the frame for the LAB and a (more or less) concrete direction contentwise.
During the week everyone could start with an individual assessment (probably with external support) and test his or her preferred way of learning (in teams, alone, reading books, watching videos, on the pc, mobile, assessment based, blended vs. presence vs. pure e-learning, ...) so that after a first day the team target and the individual objectives can be articulated as well as the overall topic as well as the learning methods to develop the team further during the days. On the last day everyone finishes with an assignment and a time schedule for the next months.
After such an intervention the learning culture is obvious to everyone and all open questions so far are hopefully answered. A good follow up suggestion would probably be helf a day during the week completely dedicated to individual learning. To make sure that the time is spent effectively the should be a presentation of project/individual progress each month (in short pitches). Teaming up is welcome.
Additionally the learning journey can be a fix part on the jour fixe/meeting agenda.
You can also design your office differently, e.g. with pictures and paintings referring to learing and innovation, designing a room/space where you can learn and meet to learn together. You can also distribute learning offers like seminars, online courses, articles proactively and share best practices in this regard.
In total I think that making learning an explicit part of your culture, sharing learning experiences and considering different learning preferences (some might prefer learning at home but therefore leave the office earlier) are the important steps towards a promising future.

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