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Calligraphy and musical notation?


The unique culture of writing, the Chinese font as calligraphy and art has shaped China for more than 3,000 years.

Is there an equivalent font, calligraphy and art relation in chinese music-notation?

(This question is inspired by the exchange with the academic Ulrike Felsing, who introduced me to the «Illustrations of hand actions in the playing of the Geqin or Qin» 圖圖圖gǔ qín tú. The manifold ways of producing sound on the Qin and the visual stimulation, ranging from the position of the hand, to the poetic text, to the physical and metaphorical approximation of the sound, to animal forms, go far beyond a mere system of notation.)


Hi Charlotte
I think it would be very good if you could share some of the pictures you mentioned and you painted yourself.

over 2 years ago

In case you use it, you could also twitter them and tag it with #ccaazhdk and @ccaazhdk

over 2 years ago

I hope that the exchange will be open until th 22nd of June. I am working on putting the images into this system.
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