Thinking Complexity

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Using the iceberg to change perspective

This exercise will help you practice distinguishing between an event and a pattern over time. It involves drawing an iceberg diagram to distinguish between an event at a point in time and a pattern of behaviour over time.

This online news article is about the growing gap between the rich and the poor in OECD countries. Your task is to draw an iceberg diagram with the event and the pattern of behavior of the main variable over time. You don't need to draw the systemic structure.

Hint: You can use the iceberg template that is available in the additional materials.

A suggested solution is provided in the references section.

Growing gap between the rich and poor countries.


The OECD countries has seen a growth in inequality in recent years. The amount of wealth concentrated in the upper 10% has grown, remarkably. The OECD argues that this phenomenon can be credited to the increase in non-standard work, consisting of temporary contracts and self-employment. (Sorry, I could not draw the diagram. I shall edit later).

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