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Life and Eros

Life and Eros - Love (Eros) is a strong force. Let this force
motivate you and try to create a sequence of photography or a
time -lapse photography.

Life and joy


enter image description hereI used pictures made from me for a fashionshoot in Berlin 2013. It was done for the course Desig1o1. And I loved it. That day had only 2 minutes of sun, and I was so lucky to have them. And a great photographer.
The relation with Eros? When you are afraid to show yourself, you can not love someone. It starts with accepting oneself. I do consider myself to be a lousy model. The dress, which has a special story, does not flatter me at all. But what it does show is that I had fun, that I wanted to embrace the whole world.
Only when that happens there can be place for love and Eros. Otherwise it stays with plane sex or porn.
Embracing life means embracing love

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