Why Do People Migrate? Part 1: Facts

Refugee versus migrant


Migrants and refugees might have things in common but they are definitely different. Refugees are people fleeing conflict or persecution. They are defined and protected in international law and must not be expelled or returned to situations where their life and freedom are at risk. The strange thing is that a coutry can reject applications to get a status of refugee and this is "legal".
Refugees are basically people who often come from terrible situations but the path they have to follow to achieve all their rights is still long.
They are distinct from migrants because we might include in the last category all the people who choose to go to live in another country which is often richer then his country of origin (economic migrants). Recently, it's really common that people choose to leave their country of origin to go somewhere else like to Europe, America or Australia. In same cases, people need a permission to stay into another country (like for an european who wants to go to America) and it's not always easy to get it. Many people dream a life in a country that he/she loves but they are not accepted or welcome.
Basically not everyone is happy about the idea of welcoming "foreigners" in his/her own country and maybe that those people might be a colleague, a neighbour, etc. in this case migrants and refugees have many things in common and are seen as similar.
In the mid 2000s there has been an crisis linked to irregular migration on the Mediterranean area and refugees and migrants were often victims of a business cooperation between smugglers from different nationalities very well organized. Migrants were often stored in houses for days or weeks. They are taken to the coast at night using small buses, sometimes beaten and they usually didn't have enough food or water. To sum up, I can say, that they didn't see recognised their basic human rights and not found always people happy to help or welcome them.

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