Why Do People Migrate? Part 1: Facts

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»The large amount of people taking part to protests in many Australian cities is the proof that many, except the conservatives, are fed up of the restricted policies of their Government towards…

The tough policy of the Australian government and the cry of people

antonella sinopoli, 05 Mar 16

»The migration issue is even more thorny when children are the main subjects. Harsh economic condition in the country of origin, abuses in the family or even falling in the net of human traffi…

Unaccompanied children, a shame on the civilised world

antonella sinopoli, 05 Mar 16

»One the main worries about the flow of refugees and immigrants in Europe is that they may become a unbearable burden on the pubblic purse. Many people also think that the labour market can c…

Are refugees and immigrants a burden?

antonella sinopoli, 04 Mar 16

»The ongoing crisis due to the flow of peoples pushing at the European borders is challenging the boundary line between refugees and migrants. The UN Institutions are trying to keep a clear dis…

Refugees vs Migrants

antonella sinopoli, 04 Mar 16