Corporate Digital Learning

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My Story


1) Think
During my study, all Courses are implemented in a online plattform LMS. Personally for me, the learning effect was or much more successful like during School by using only tradional methods, because it was not necessary to write down everthing you hear during Seminar or Lecture, because all powerpoints and additional material werei n the LMS, so you have the full attantion to the lecture.
The only thing that was a bit shame was that the possibilities of LMS were used by the various lecturers differently well. If all lecturers had used the LMS effectively, the learning success would have been very high for all courses. So it is a big Challenge to ensure that all lecturers meet the same level. My Recommendation,. Which I can give is that online platforms, such as LMS, are a valuable tool to convey course content in a modern and interesting way. Since different media can be used.

2) Share
For me, the use of digital modern learning content has not been a problem, but have successfully influenced my studies. In times when almost every activity (job) is connected to modern media, I find it a self-evidently, even a duty, mediate content to students with modern media. It secures the use of modern media and, in addition to the teaching content, it also develop the use of PC, Internet, etc.

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