Corporate Digital Learning

05 Sep 2016, 10:42 AM
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Share Your Story! ☝

Learning experience


Privately i have alrady used moocs. In my company we also use virtual classrooms, videos tutoring and learning plattforms (moodle). I belive that a Video in the beginning is good for an first impression of theoretical issues, to get familiar with the keywords and ideas. For technicle advise somtimes it could be sufficent.
For more complex learning scenarios the main challenge is to motivate the learner to stop bevore the end of the course and to learn regularly.
Self-paced learning is a double-edged thing. A skilled learner is requiered to find the right pace. You might understand everything and skip to the next unit, but if someone ask you somthing about the topic a day later, you are not able to to answer.

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