Prototyping Interaction

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Mapping the context and communicating your concept with a (moving) storyboard.
Think of a solution that contains a smartphone or a tablet. Envision the working of the service/product in a storyboard.

Show in the storyboard:

  • What the user experience looks like
  • How the service works
  • What the context is
  • How user interface generally works

Upload your storyboard, and a description.
Optional: Capture your storyboard in a video and provide it with a voice-over.
Deliverable: image and/or video and a short text

Storyboard - No+Bullying


Sarah has difficulties in socializing at school. She wears glasses, she is shorty and very shy. He has no friends and that makes that a group of his class mess with her. The jokes started being innocent but over the years have been harder. Sarah doesn´t know what to do.

"No + Bullying" is aimed at people who, like Sarah, suffer bullying. This app provides support groups, help phones, information and consequences on bullying and even an emergency device that will locate the location of the affected person in case of abuse.

enter image description here

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