21 Feb 2017, 02:14 PM
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Chapter 1 Journal Activity

Stonehenge-A Question on Isolation.


The world's landscape is dotted with monuments great and small that whisper to us of what came before. Stonehenge, is one such place, and though we have heard the whispers of the stones, we have yet so much work to do to more fully uncover their story.
It is only by viewing not only the Stonehenge, but the vast landscape around it, that we will yield the answers to our questions, and perhaps more questions from our answers. Looking at any one thing in isolation is a dangerous game that elicits knee-jerk reactions instead of solid, fact based responses. It is our responsibility as historians, archaeologists, lovers of history to represent our ancient peoples well. We must endeavor to tell their whole story, and this can only be done by starting, in our case here at Stonehenge, and then tracing their steps backward as far as we can go. If we can figure out where they came from, perhaps we will develop a better understanding of what Stonehenge meant to them, what it represented for them, and the pieces of this great puzzle will begin to make more sense.


almost 2 years ago

Very well stated Aime! I love the "whispers of the stones". This is so true. Walking the landscape I feel a very ancient power emanating from the stones and land itself. It truly is a magical place but created with such precision.

almost 2 years ago

Yes I love your post too. It's so important to bind careful, methodical study together with humane imagination. Otherwise we get stuck in the isolation you speak of, with disastrous consequences.

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