Why Do People Migrate? Part 1: Facts

08 May 2016, 10:32 PM
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`Start by reading this article and discuss in your journal how current official definitions of "migrants", "refugees" and "asylum seekers" are challenged by the on-going migration crisis at the South-East borders of Europe.

You can also see Unit 2.1 for more information about irregular migration in Mediterranean region, Unit 2.2 about EU norms on asylum seeking, and Unit 2.3 on the case of Syrian refugees.

Don't forget to have a look to what others have done in their journals!

More then half of the world can be asylum seeker


This small reflection about the concepts and it´s practical implementation. Cartagena convention broaden understanding who can by an asylum seeker. That is great, and I totally agree that Human Rights and structural violence needs to be mentioned. In the same time this gives permission to most of the people in the world to look for asylum. Structural violence is everywhere - let´s take for example gender. Human Rights are being violated everywhere...
There needs something to be done to stop this and to aviod the situation that we will have 1 billion refugees.

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