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»To go forward in the archaeological digs that bring new evidence and clues to the story that is Stonehenge. There are many theories and perhaps some answers but all the time new discoveries a…

Forward for Answers

sheila wright, 29. Juin 17

»It would appear, that through the architecture of Stonehenge,(as primitive as it is), British architects such as Inigo Jones and Christopher Wren found inspiration for some of there more insp…

Architectural Culture and Britain,

sheila wright, 29. Juin 17

»My Title is an observation, not only of the work of Geoffrey of Monmouth but all previous theorists and Archaeologists. The whole concept of Stonehenge has given the scientists and thinkers ov…

Continuous Delving.

sheila wright, 28. Juin 17

»I really feel that at this moment in time, from what has been presented, there are more questions than answers. No one solution rings quite true, as the more the archaeologists discover , th…

Solutions or Hypothesis?

sheila wright, 28. Juin 17