Marta García de Polavieja

Marta’s favorite things in the whole world are stories, games and smiling people, people who also make this world move. Her mission is to help them move it while they reaaaally enjoy the journey.

A diruptive proffesional profile with more than 10 years of experience that mixes business and art. As learning and development consultant , she creates new opportunities and designs creative projects to help companies meet their business goals through freak, fresh, and for sure innovative solutions. As a Gamification, Storytelling and Edutainment enthusiast she researches and tests the possibilities of applying and using elements from games, stories and artistic disciplines within the corporate world.

She manages projects as if she where an orchestra director teaming up with just rigorous, trustful and humane musicians. She has been involved in successful projects for: GOOGLE, ALCAMPO, BBVA, DELUXE, MERCEDES, PEUGEOT, GRUPO CORTEFIEL...

[@] @martapolavieja