Digital Transformation I: An Introduction

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Peer Discussion on Strategy

In your learning group, discuss the strategy, you just have read.
Where do you see yourself and your projects within this strategy?
In this future vision, how will your role, position and activities change?
What will keep the same?
How can you support the strategy?

Document your personal takeaways from the discussion in your journal. Remember, if you want it to be commented by others, set it to public. If this is a reflection exercise for yourself, set it to private.

Peer Discussion on Strategy - Answers

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I happen to work in the digital innovations department in KMC(US) so I may have a different perspective than the average user.

Q - Where do you see yourself and your project within this strategy?

A - I am working on one of the tools, the Inventory Planning Tool, for the US. This tool will consolidate many of the existing systems and legacy systems still in use by many of our branches today into one coherent system allowing for greater network benefits to be realized as well as gaining efficiency for purchasing.

Q - In this future vision, how will your role, position, and activities change?

A - My activities will increase in scope and complexity as our digital transformation continues. I will work on additional projects in support of our industry platform.

Q - What will keep the same?

A - I will still be working to support the transformation as it happens and after it is in its final stages help manage its further evolution.

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