Birte Gall, Ahmet Acar et Birte Gall

Digital Transformation I: An Introduction

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  • Self-Paced
  • English
  • Etudes des medias

À propos du cours

Digital Transformation is all around us. We increasingly use smartphones to communicate with friends, read the news on subway screens or call taxis via apps. But what does this mean for our work life? Digital Transformation poses many challenges, but it also creates an abundance of new opportunities for your job and your company. Find out how to deal with change and take advantage of the benefits.

What will you learn in this course?

In this course, you will receive an introduction into the topic of Digital Transformation. Experts from the Berlin School of Digital Business will explain the key terms, concepts and technologies in simple and understandable terms. No previous knowledge of the topic is required. Develop an understanding of what Digital Transformation is and how you and your company can benefit from it.

By the end of the course you will have developed an understanding of:

  • Key concepts of digital transformation
  • Key digital initiatives and activities within Klöckner
  • New approaches to product and service development
  • New approaches to internal collaboration and communication
  • Key emerging technologies

Who should take this course?

This course applies to all levels and areas within an organisation. If you would like to learn more about digital transformation activities within your company and the industry at large, this course will provide you with the fundamentals to get you started.

What is included in this course?

This course requires a total time commitment of 3-4 hours per chapter. It is self-paced, so you decide whether you want to complete the course in one session or split it up into smaller time slots. There is an introductory video into each chapter as well as materials that dive deep into the topic and a short assignment for practice. We encourage you to share your assignments with your peers and to discuss them with the instructors. There will also be live video Q&A sessions at predetermined times with the instructors. We recommend setting aside uninterrupted blocks of 1-2 hours for participation in the live online sessions.

By enrolling in this course, you will gain access to:
• All Course Material
• Challenging & Fun Assignments
• Interactive Community
• Live Q&A Sessions
• Flexible Time Management

Upon completion of this course, you will receive:
• A Statement of Participation

Course Overview

Chapter 0: Course Outline & Proceedings
Chapter 1: The Basics of Digital Transformation
Chapter 2: Digital Transformation - Definition and Core Concepts
Chapter 3: Digital Transformation at Klöckner
Feedback Round

This introductory course on Digital Transformation includes 4 chapters and a Feedback Round. Building on this introduction, there will be a final version of the course, which will additionally include the following chapters:

Chapter 4: Processes and Methods - Design Thinking and Lean Startup
Chapter 5: Overview of Emerging Technologies
Chapter 6: Cloud Technologies
Chapter 7: Big Data
Chapter 8: New Tools at Work
Chapter 9: From Literacy to Transformation - Building Digital Competence
Chapter 10: Changes in Culture - The Digital DNA
Chapter 11: Digitization Project
Chapter 12: Transfer & Discussion

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