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Claudia Salowski

Understand and handle Unconcious Bias in decision-making

  • 42 min
  • English
  • La gestion

À propos du cours

This course is about the Unconscious Biases that we all have but that most of the time we are not aware about. Not only is it usual for our brain to take shortcuts in decsion-making in order to reduce the complexity we are confronted with every day, it is also critical for us in order to be able to deal with the tons of infirmation we have to process in order to take the necessary decisions every day. At times these shortcuts can lead to unfair and unappropriate decisions. This course provides some insights on how to deal with this using a 5-step-model for a more conscious decision-making.

Course content

The course content included:

  • Introduction
  • Affinity Bias
  • Confirmation Bias
  • Performance Likeability Bias
  • Success criteria for coping strategies
  • The 5-step-model for more conscious decision-making
  • Effectiveness of trainings and workshops
  • Personal action plan
  • Case study
  • Closure & Quiz

Target group

The course addresses people that want to learn more about Unconscious Bias for their private and working life and does not require any previous knowledge.

Course material

The Easy Guide provides a summary of the most important course content.

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