Prof. h.c. Dr. Uwe G. Seebacher (MBA)

The B2B Marketing Journey of Excellence

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What is the course about?

"With the B2B Maturity Model, I was able to totally change
the image from marketing in just 12 months!"

Klaus Geigner
Marketing Manager
Mechanical and plant engineering group


"Based on the B2B Maturity Model, we were able to increase our
inbound leads by 180% in just 8 months!"

Melanie Gärtner
Medium-sized automotive supplier

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Fig. 1: Course details at a glance


Why it's so easy with structure and method!

Industrial Goods Marketing is more than ever currently undergoing tremendous change. Not only are institutional buyers now two or more generations younger than the top managers of leading industrial corporations, but technical sales can now be considered de facto dead. The reasons are many but this enormous change requires a paradigm shift in B2B marketing as well as in the overall management of the industry. In this context, this course is the perfect stimulus and companion - for managers and marketers. Basic knowledge of business administration and marketing helps in understanding, as does an openness and willingness to change and the will to implement.

Why the homework must be done!

However, a recent study by Marconomy and the course author (see Fig. 1) shows that most marketing managers in the industrial goods sector lack the appropriate cross-thematic skills. Organizational development methodology and structure are needed more than ever to shed the image of the brochure-producing, golf-event-hosting, cost-only department. But the entire training sector does not offer the appropriate courses and studies to be able to fill this skills gap.


B2B Marketing Study 2020

Fig. 2: B2B Marketing Maturity Study 2020,
(C) Marconomy and Dr. Seebacher


As a result, B2B marketing is still the little appreciated plaything of the entire industrial companies and their executives. This leads to the fact that the necessary structures in the relevant marketing departments are not established until today and are thus present. Only about one third of today's marketing departments in the industrial sector have basic elements such as a marketing process database or corresponding, congruent and coordinated adequate job profiles and consistent target structures based on them. However, all of these things are essential to sustainably realize forward-looking, revenue-driven marketing. This course closes this gap in a uniquely effective and easy to understand way.

Success is the result of many small steps!

As a methodologist, the course author has accompanied and responsibly implemented organizational change processes in leading international companies ranging from hidden champions to globally successful corporations for more than 20 years. Against the background of many such projects in the marketing sector, he has developed the B2B Marketing Maturity Model on which this Espresso Course is based (see Fig. 2) as a simple guide for industrial goods marketers. Based on this B2B marketing maturity model, this Espresso course takes you through the five stages of the B2B Marketing Excellence Journey. Each stage of the Journey is explained and illustrated with many examples. In this context, the required fields of action are also explained for each stage in order to reach the next stage of the Journey. Thus, the course is the ideal blueprint and guide for all marketing managers to do it themselves!

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Fig. 3: B2B marketing maturity model according to Seebacher

On the basis of many, current examples from the industry one experiences in the course, how one creates it in the conservative surrounding field of the industry to lift marketing and its value on a new, for the lasting entrepreneurial success crucial level. The course encourages the participants to take direct action themselves in order to develop the marketing department, regardless of its size and budget, from an unnoticed, often ridiculed cost driver to a strategically positioned, essential driver of revenue and sales success that is integrated in all important decisions.


This course is the secret of your success!


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