Uwe G. Seebacher (MBA)

Template-based Management - A Guide for an Efficient and Impactful Professional Practice

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What is the course about?

"It was exciting! We definitly exceeded our expectations"

Axel Güpner
Head of Group Human Resources
Allianz Group

"Now I know what it means to think in processes and I would have never ever anticipated
such a huge potential rolling-out TBM to all our Technical Staff! 90 % of our projects

are now on plan and budget!"

Bruce Muellner

Why Should I Attend This Course?

This course in a unique way fills the ever more and omni-present gap in regard to methods and structural competence, being the reason for too slow and too expensive project and change management work but also poor innovation management and overall poor organizational performance. This course will stringently help you to significantly increase not only your individual performance but also your entire organizational financial and operational performance. This means that the benefits of this course are:

  • Reduced costs for the entire business practice
  • Increased internal, structured and focused, measurable problem-solving competence
  • Reduced costs for external consultants 
  • Increased output in innovations management and product development
  • Sustainable organizational learning and growth
  • Increased Return-on-Sales
  • and many more other direct and indirect aspects!


Why Is TBM So Magic?

TBM is not magic, but it simply enables to close the growing gap between ever more highly developed matter experts and the lack of basic and underlying methods and stuctural competences and skills. Closing this educational gap TBM leverages any kind of technical expertise and knowledge through the use of templates. TBM helps in a unique way to get the experts´ rubber on the road as it enables and forces matter experts to pre-structure and pre-define activities, processes as well as deliverables and milestones. TBM is no mystery but a simple and through this enormously powerful hands-on approach stringently and uncomprisingly overcoming structural and methodical shortcomings, as the lack of methodological knowledge leads to the destruction or ineffectiveness of all technical expertise. This means that TBM is a simple lever to fully take advantage of the organizational competences. 

Course content

Unit 1: Welcome and Introduction
Unit 2: Reasoning for TBM
Unit 3: What You Need to Know About Learning
Unit 4: The Different TBM Roles
Unit 5: The Four TBM Steps
Unit 6: The TBM Skills Triade
Unit 7: TBM Showcases
Unit 8: What Next?

What will you learn?

  • Establish an understanding of TBM
  • Internalizing why and how TBM is working
  • Deepening the knowlegde in the area of underlying theoretical learning models
  • Defining the relevante TBM roles and tools
  • Experiencing the TBM process model and the three core competences
  • Creating awareness on success factors but also pitfalls
  • Ensuring Showcase-Learning with thought-leading showcases in crucial areas of organizational growth and competitive advantage

What is the target audience?

 Learning to understand the TBM method will sustainably impact the ability to structuredly work through any kind of activitiy, project or program. During the over 15 years of TBM thousands of practitioners with all kind of different educational backgrounds have been trained in this method and are since then applying TBM successfully. This course is for everybody who wants to significantly leverage the own individual working style, such as:

  • Managers
  • Engineers
  • Project and Program Managers
  • Trainer and Coaches
  • Facilitators
  • Consultants
  • Change Managers

What prior knowledge is required?

No previous knowledge is required. You do not bring with you any special skills or experience. The course provides you with all relevant background informations, models and theories so that you can easily get into the TBM method. Several extensive, downloadable "Further Reading" documents that have been taken out of the TBM book of the course authors, additionally enable you to deepen your understanding and learning experience.

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