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Dr phil Tania Peitzker (University of Silicon Valley & Potsdam)

metaverses, extended reality & cognitive interfaces

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What is the course about?

We are currently in a Hype Cycle for metaverses, just as the hype around Artificial Intelligence subsided during the COVID pandemic. We have emerged as more tech savvy users of the internet - whether it be video livestreaming for entertainment and daily news or conferencing online with our colleagues and family - as a result of lockdowns.

The world has changed and Extended Reality took a huge leap forward along with The Metaverse as a concept being put into practice. The biggest Big Tech has pivoted to it with 100s of billions of dollars in investment. They are taking Virtual and Augmented Reality to the next level. Next Gen users, the MZers, expect Immersive Experiences in the "verse" and a multitude of these proto-metaverses to rapidly improve in their lifetime.

This largely means the verse becoming more cognitive as the Conversational AI improves and the UX or "interfaces" get better at creating hybrid digital spaces and blending our experiences and communication both on- and offline. Strap yourselves in, we are about to go on a ride through metaverses, XR and cognitive interfaces!

Course content

Welcome to Web 3.0! Just what are metaverses, XR and CogX?!?
Leaders in proto-metaverses - let's take a closer look
Exploring European metaverses & immersive UX from the EU
Write a glossary of the terms you hear in this course
New ways of retailing & engaging customers
Working, playing, selling & buying in metaverses
Risks and Opportunities of metaverses + XR with CogX
Where to from here? Emerging & Futur(istic) Tech
Test your knowledge

What will you learn?

  • understand the landscape of metaverses
  • know how to use and apply Extended Reality
  • develop Critical Thinking skills about Immersive Experiences
  • see how these Emerging Technologies are part of Web 3.0
  • analyse what this evolutionary stage of the internet means for you
  • be able to relate your insights to others at work re Use Cases
  • get the Big Picture on proto-metaverses, future computing/devices, Extended Reality "building blocks" and how (holographic) interfaces are becoming cognitive

What is the target audience?

Anyone with an interest in technology, at all levels of skill and expertise. From beginners to actual experts and practioners within the industries of Mixed Reality, Artificial Intelligence (machine learning, NLP, image recognition) and those building the metaverse platforms of tomorrow, including Bitcoin fans, crypto workers and NFT creators.

What prior knowledge is required?

An open and enquiring mind. Preparedness to challenge your assumptions and the marketing of others.

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