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Prof Vaibbhav Taraate

Digital System Design and considerations

  • 1h 08 min
  • English
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À propos du cours

The course " Digital System Design and Considerations" is almost one hour short duration course. The course discusses about the system design concept and important system design elements. If you wish to pursue your career in the VLSI or Embedded system domain then the course is useful to understand about IO and memory interfacing and the design of system having microprocessor and microcontroller.

The practical scenarios are also highlighted with the power point presentations and videos. To check the progress of learning, the course includes quizzes and an assignment.

The course covers following important topics:

 1. System Design and considerations
 2. System Design components 
 3. Microprocessor and microcontroller role
 4. IO and memory devices
 5. IO and memory interfacing  
 6. Case study of microprocessor based system

Who can enroll for this course?

If you are a beginner in system design or VLSI design you can enroll for this course. You should have the basic understanding of digital logic and the basics of digital logic elements. If you are having a electronics, electrical or computer science background you can also enroll for this course. 

What will you learn ? 

You will learn the system design considerations, the memory and IO interfacing techniques which are useful during the system design. The course has a duration of one hour and the time management is flexible.

What our customers say about the course...

Great course which explained the system design concepts

,,Degital system design concepts like memory and input output port mapping explained in very nice and easy way. If you are beginner and want to understand the Digital system design. This is the course you should take 😀"
Neeraj, Engineer, (2021)

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