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Dr phil Tania Peitzker (University of Silicon Valley & Potsdam)

technologist, author and educator

The well known author of Uses and Risks of Business Chatbots: Guidelines for Purchasers in the Public and Private Sectors, Tania Peitzker is a highly creative creator of 3D metaverses, "cognitive" avatars in Conversational AI and interactive installations in Extended Reality. She has gained vast experience over decades in Project Management and C-Suite leadership in IVAs, Intelligent Virtual Assistants (also known as chatbots, voice assistants, 2D and 3D avatars). Tania is an acknowledged thought leader (see her 60 Leaders in AI piece on how we can get rid of sexism in the industry) and a globally recognised source for Market Intelligence corporations. A list of the industry reports she has contributed to can be found on her portfolio site.

Tania's etextbook published with Kindle (2022) is an easily accessible and affordable ebook series accompanying this historic iversity course on these often controversial Emerging Technologies.

For instance, she devotes a whole chapter of the ebook and a unit of
the iversity espresso course to the many, interdisciplinary
sustainability issues surrounding metaverse building and blockchain
tech, while another unit and parts of the etextbook look at safety,
the Greater Good, diversity and inclusion problems in XR.

You can purchase Dr Peitzker's six volumes "on the evolution of the internet in terms of XR & Immersive Tech" on Amazon Books.

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BELOW: Image from her etextbook, also discussed in Tania's iversity course.

The complete set of unique charts, tables, diagrams and flow charts can be accessed for free in Tania's metaverse for her innovative, hybrid MRAM matriarchies regen ag museum. MRAM was established in The Metaverse in 2022 and will be opening its physical museum using XR tech on Tania's farm in Kent in 2023...

Diagram on Sustainability and Climate Emergency Issues Facing New Tech

Tania Peitzker is an Adjunct Professor for metaverses+interfaces at the University of Silicon Valley, California's oldest institution which was established as Cogswell College in the early 1800s for teaching engineering and business studies. She lectures at other universities, business schools and institutions.

For a video and presentation archive of her most notable keynotes,
public talks, private corporate & Government Department workshops,
Fireside Chats, media interviews and Q&As, please visit her portfolio
The site also lists and catalogues her past and present involvement in various
advisory services and ambassadorial roles for New Technologies
internationally. Reviews of her past book published by Business Expert
Press (New York, 2020) can be found there as well. You can buy the
ebook and paperback edition directly from BEP here

BELOW: Image courtesy of Paraddax & in Madrid, Spain, 2022.
Image courtesy of Paraddax & in Madrid, Spain, 2022.


Tania is an outspoken supporter of democratic freedom, rights and institutions. She has made her support visible and brings issues of Smart Cities, data protection and citizens' rights to privacy, human rights and free speech to bear on her work, writing, lecturing and publishing.

Please use these hashtags #supportukraine & #citiesoffreedom against Russia whenever wherever you can! Apart from her work campaigning for the Ukrainian Ministry for Digital Transformation in Kyiv, Tania has long been a feminist literary critic and Cultural Studies academic. Her feminism and humanism supports the Iranian women and girls fighting for their basic human rights in Iran, as well as Taiwanese citizens in the defence of a liberal democracy in their homeland against China.