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»I tend to think Martina will be a very motivated learner since her new role depends on her acquiring management skills, but there could be ways to make the journey more interesting. Since Mar…

Gamification for Martina

Patty Keegan, 05. Apr 16

»Most of what we learn is by way of social learning. Workplaces need to have a culture that's open to supporting or formalising social learning. Some of the ways to do that would be to run lu…

Ideas to support social learning

Patty Keegan, 03. Apr 16

»Martina needs to de-stress by formalising her online learning times with her team - she should let her team know about her ongoing learning program and set expectations on where & how ofte…

Creating a culture of learning for Martina

Patty Keegan, 31. Mär 16

»1) What do you want/expect Martina to learn? Management & team leading skills: She'll need basic management skills and confidence to get past her anxiety and shyness. Understand manageme…

Help out Martina

Patty Keegan, 29. Mär 16

Digital Learning Strategy considerations

Patty Keegan, 20. Mär 16

»Successes The most successful programs we've run have included both elearning, for knowledge transfer and to fill gaps highlighted by online assessments, as well as collaborative face-to-face …

Sharing my story

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Patty Keegan, 13. Mär 16

»I'm a visual person so I generally prefer text and video. However I find that a benefit of digital learning is that I can also choose to listen to a podcast if I'm talking a walk or cooking di…

Preferred types of material

Patty Keegan, 10. Mär 16

»One of the benefits of CDL is that it can help L&D teams prove their value to the business - the digital channels generate data that can demonstrate uplifts in skills but can also be corre…


Patty Keegan, 10. Mär 16

»In my experience, the biggest challenges to CDL are motivating people to be responsible for their learning and being engaged enough to continue. The main barrier we hear is time.

Biggest challenge

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Patty Keegan, 06. Mär 16