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Isidro Rodrigo

Entrepreneur, associate professor at IEBS School, experience designer, speaker, game master & storyteller at Dummymedia's educational studios.

His goal in life is to show people how to make his lives more epic and meaningful. How to fall in love (welcome back, childhood) with play, games, curiosity and learning.

He believes in gamification as a tool for empowerment (and not only engagement) achievable and understandable by everyone, as a design methodology that balances performance, fun and meaning in our jobs, lives, products and services.

People, thoughts, actions and emotions (not technology) are mandatory in this process.

Isidro has written several articles on games for education and self development, he usually talks about playful design and other related topics at conferences like the Virtual Worldwide eLearning Congress or the Fun and Serious game Festival and he is one of the coordinators of the Gamification Spain MeetUp, one of the biggest forums for gamification professionals in his country.

He looks for shiny happy people with epic lives... Interested? He post his thoughts at...

Blog: HRGamer
Twitter: @isidrorodrigo
LinkedIn: isidrorodrigo

Enjoy the game!