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Chapter 5 Journal Activity

Forward into the past.

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He who fails to learn the lessons of history is doomed to repeat them. Or similar.

In earlier centuries many posited that because the technology of pre historic peoples in this country was perceived as being primitive, their thought processes were also primitive. However, if you merely consider the feat of building such a monument, without the engineering advances of today, you are in awe.

It is becoming obvious that the creators of the Stonehenge landscape were essentially concerned with the same main issues that we are today. Social cohesion and cooperation and a seeming attempt to understand the cycle of the year and life itself and make it more predictable, are implied in the information that we are discovering from a study of the stones and landscape.

Maslow's Pyramid of Needs, will have applied as surely to the Neolithics as it applies to us. Only when our basic needs are fulfilled can we have time to ponder other issues.

The information being discovered in the 21st century, that allows the formation of hypotheses about how this early society functioned, poses questions not only about them, but about us.

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