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»He who fails to learn the lessons of history is doomed to repeat them. Or similar. In earlier centuries many posited that because the technology of pre historic peoples in this country was p…

Forward into the past.

Frances Carleton, 21. Mär 17

»It is very difficult to pick one aspect of British culture, from the many, to identify Stonehenge's influence. I suppose it must be literature, as the piece that most affects me is the image o…

Quintessentially British, Quintessentially Unknowable and Evocative.

Frances Carleton, 14. Mär 17

»Geoffrey of Monmouth had put together some of the folk tales of Britain and tried to make a coherent history out of them. He was a British cleric, born in the early 12th century who first atte…

Myths and Masonry

Frances Carleton, 07. Mär 17

»'When' and 'by whom' seem to be fairly universally agreed upon. It is the 'how' I have difficulty with. I come from a family of engineers, who are great at thinking up practical solutions; ho…

Credibility Gap

Frances Carleton, 05. Mär 17

»Although we can do no more than speculate as to the exact nature of the significance of Stonehenge and the many significant structures apparent in the landscape, it must mark a time when some …

A Shared Culture

Frances Carleton, 20. Feb 17