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Flavio Escribano

Currently Dr. Flavio Escribano is the researcher manager in (Fundación Iberoamericana del Conocimiento) in the field of Gamification and Technology.

He also founded ARSGAMES in 2006, a collective research group whose focus is again on Games Studies and Game Art research. He currently is professor and invited speaker in different University Masters' degrees, Seminars and Workshops (European University of Madrid, Universidad Internacional de Andalucía, Universitat Oberta de Catalunya, Universidad Complutense de Madrid...). His research interests span videogames, education and training, social inclusion, art and creativity. He collaborates with numerous companies, institutions and research labs: European Commision, DIAGEO, Sony Computer Entertainment Europe, AMAZE and DIGAREC (Berlin), Instituto Cervantes (Spain), MediaLab-Prado (Madrid), Intermediae-Matadero (Madrid), Zemos98 (Seville).

He was also colaborating at videogame area of Spanish Ministery of Education's web portal during 3 years.

Flavio was also partner and founder of the Spanish American ICT company, dedicated to Consulting, QA and Testing Service, Software & Games Development and IT Outsourcing.