Digital Transformation I: An Introduction

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»I happen to work in the digital innovations department in KMC(US) so I may have a different perspective than the average user. Q - Where do you see yourself and your project within this strat…

Peer Discussion on Strategy - Answers

Evan Partalis, 28. Jul 16

»My understanding now vs previous chapter... I don't have any large changes. Digital Transformation for me simply means that your company first creates then leverages digital tools/networks t…

Compare Your Understanding With the Definition - Answers

Evan Partalis, 28. Jul 16

»The key statements in looking at the digital transformation case for GE are as follows. First and foremost was the companies top executives to see that there was a problem before there was a …

Digital Transformation Case

Evan Partalis, 27. Jul 16

»Q - Where would you rate your company in terms of its governance? A - I think our leaders are pressing forward into the digital age in a notoriously conservative industry. This takes convict…

Modern Organizations - Answers

Evan Partalis, 22. Jul 16

»Q - What are the obstacles to change within organizations? A - The most common problem I see is the organizational inertia that large corporations have as a part of their legacy cash generati…

Obstacles to Transformation - Answers

Evan Partalis, 21. Jul 16

»Digital Transformation is the process by which a company transforms the majority of their profit via digital transactions.

Define What Digital Transformation Means to You - Answers

Evan Partalis, 18. Jul 16

»1 - Which of the skills are know to you and which are unknown? I am not best suited to formulating algorithms or writing clever pieces of code. My specialties lie in business change manageme…

Digital Transformation Skills - Answers

Evan Partalis, 18. Jul 16