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Prof. Dr. Alex Redlein

Introduction to Facility Management – The Enabler of Change

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What is the course about?


This course gives an introduction into the area of Facility Management and Facility Services.
Therefore, it illustrates

  • the macro-economic impacts,
  • the micro-economic impact of the facility services on the economy as a whole.

It presents the concept of the life cycle of a building and how Facility Management can optimise the life cycle costs (total costs of ownership).

In the second part, the course presents the different definitions of FM set up by

  • different associations and
  • international standards in this field.

The similarities and trade-offs are analysed and the management tasks are presented on basis of  practical examples.

This knowledge is essential before thirdly introducing the roles within the real estate industry: owner, tenant/user and service provider and their representatives.

What will you learn?

Knowledge and Competence to

  1. differentiate between FM and FS
  2. differentiate the most important definitions of FM: their overlapping and trade-offs as well as their strategic messages
  3. apply the key management tasks of a Facility Manager
  4. distinguish between the roles and representatives within the real estate industry
  5. be capable to differentiate between management of facilities and the job title Facility Manager
  6. identify the life cycle phases of a building and how to influence the total cost of ownership in the early phase of design
  7. Define the macro-economic and micro-economic impact of the Facility Services.

This knowledge transfer is supported by a mix of learning methods such as videos, slides and the chapter 1 of the Springer Book “Modern Facility and Workplace Management”. Quizzes enable self-evaluation of the gained competences and discussion forums foster the exchange with other students and the experts. Not only the theory of FM and FS is introduced. The theoretical parts are illustrated by giving practical examples from several industry use cases.

What is the target audience?

The course is designed for

  • young professionals from the service sector, who want to understand this new management discipline
  • craftsmen and
  • students of economy and business administration as well as technical studies such as civil engineering and architecture

What prior knowledge is required?

No prior knowledge is required, but thirst for knowledge and curiousness about people, their demands and how infrastructure and services can support and enable them best.


Kapitel 1
Roadmap of the Course
Roadmap of the Course
Introduction into Facility Management
Kapitel 2
Importance of FM
Macro Economic Impact
Micro Economic Impact
Life Cycle of a Building and FM
Influence of Design Decision on the Life Cycle Costs
Micro and Macro economic impact
Kapitel 3
Definitions of FM according to Associations
Definitions of FM according to associations
Test definition associations
Kapitel 4
Definitions of FM to Standardisation Organisati…
Definitions of FM according to standardisation organisations
Kapitel 5
Facility Management in Practice
Facility Management in Practice
Test facility management definitions of Standardisation Institutions
Kapitel 6
Roles within Real Estate (RE) Industry
Representatives of the roles
Test of the roles within RE/FM and their goals/tasks


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