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How to Motivate

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What is the course about?

How to use the power of intrinsic motivation in your leadership

Motivated employees can be worth their weight in gold: more productive, top performing, stress tolerant.
But what is the secret to motivation? Simple: discover the inner drive (intrinsic motivation) of your employees! This online course will explain you how motivation actually works. In a completely new format: the ‘leadership theater’.

What is so special about the leadership theatre?
A new form of infotainment! Take a seat, lean back. This is not just another day in class. Instead, dive into a place where theatre, cinema, training and in-depth knowledge transfer merge seamlessly. Intense reenactments play out different personality types and their respective intrinsic motivations. You will be surprised how often you catch yourself thinking ‘Hey, I know this behavior! Oh, that is why…‘

This course was developed by Mira Mühlenhof, one of Germany’s leading experts on motivation and creator of the Key to see® method.

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Professional actors depict human behavior traits and, almost in passing, allow you pioneering insights into the inner workings of your employees. You will learn how to use the magical power of intrinsic motivation in your daily leadership tasks. Gradually, you will turn into an expert on motivation yourself.

Why this course? What's your goal?

Have you tried everything to motivate your team members? Flexible working hours, home office, bonus payments? Are your employees still not willing to perform? Come on an exciting two-hour ride to learn what employee motivation really is all about.

Unlocking a person’s inner drive is the key for higher productivity, engagement, performance. Everything we do based on our intrinsic motivation is voluntary. It comes easy – and that leads to success. This online course offers exactly that: the key to unlock your employees’ intrinsic motivation.

• You discover surprising insights into ten personality types of your employees.

• You learn to read the hidden needs and drivers of your employees.

• You receive tips for your leadership in the style of Dos and Don’ts.

• You will know how to match your employees with the perfect task/project.

• You obtain profound and up-to-date findings in the field of motivational science.

• You gain new tools and methods, which you can apply directly to your daily leadership tasks.

• You make your employees happier and create sustainable success for your company.

• You improve the quality of your leadership and the performance of your employees.

This is how it works: Insider-Know-how in a nutshell

You discover the different personality types of your employees through small reenactments (‚sample scenes‘). Based on these scenes, the motivation expert will explain to you how to spot the inner drive of your employees. Specific, tailored leadership advice complements the knowledge transfer.

On top:
Every chapter focuses on one intrinsic motivation and is followed by a small multiple-choice test to anchor your knowledge also in the long term. Additionally, you receive leadership advice how to bring your employees into the flow.

What executives have to say about this course:
What I really liked about this online training was the way highly relevant and important topics were conveyed. Several styles of learning and input channels were addressed. I was able to absorb a lot of information, understand the content and internalize it. The learning process was never boring, quite the contrary! Sometimes I caught myself in an aha moment of ‘Now I see! I can motivate employee A like this…’”
Michael Dörschel, DB Cargo AG

What you receive at the end of the course:
A quality certification by iversity and the Key to see® academy.


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