Prof. h.c. Dr. Uwe G. Seebacher (MBA)

Data Management Journey of Excellence

  • 58 min
  • Englisch
  • Digitale Transformation, Informatik, Ingenieurwissenschaften, Interdisziplinär, Kommunikationswissenschaften, Management, Marketing, Medienwissenschaft, Sozial- und Gesellschaftswissenschaften, Vertrieb, Weiterbildung, Wirtschaftswissenschaften

Über den Kurs

"Within 12 months we were able to
increase our inbound leads by 250%!"

Jeff Grygar
Mid-sized software company


"After only a few months we were able to optimize our
Working Capital by over 30%!"

Naomi Millermann
International machinery and equipment manufacturer


Why to Take This Journey?

Currently, only between 5% and 8% of all companies are data driven. This poses enormous risks and, more importantly, already borders on irresponsibility in terms of jobs, investors and business locations. In global markets with ever-increasing competition, it is crucial to always know exactly what is happening, where and how. Only if you know the absolute, relevant but and above all also the accessible market, you can make the right decisions. Especially Hidden Champions and SMEs need to carefully decide where and for what to invest their money. This course teaches in nine units how, without specific prior knowledge, any executive can move a company from being data-blind to being a sustainable data-driven organization - without external and cost-intense support:

  • Unit 1: Introduction
  • Unit 2: What is Predictive Intelligence?
  • Unit 3: Phase 1: Reactive-Static Business Analytics
  • Unit 4: Phase 2: Proactive-situational business analytics
  • Unit 5: Phase 3: Interactive-dynamic business intelligence
  • Unit 6: Phase 4: Dynamic-modeling predictive intelligence
  • Unit 7: The PI-Tech Stack
  • Unit 8: The PI-HR Stack
  • Unit 9: PI Case Studies and Conclusion

The course is based on the course author's special maturity model for Predictive Intelligence. This model includes four levels:


Fig. 1: PI Maturity Model (Seebacher 2021)

Who Should Take this Course?

No special prior knowledge is required for this course. Therefore, this course is suitable for anyone and everyone, such as from the following areas or departments, among others:

  • Management
  • Division management
  • Corporate development
  • Sales management
  • Marketing
  • Finance & Controlling
  • and many others

What Are the Course Objectives?

  • Create an understanding for sustainable data management
  • Communicate the need for data management to be stringently and intrinsically established by an organization
  • Explain the individual steps of the maturity model and the various necessary activity fields
  • Define exact milestones to recognize that one has successfully completed a step
  • Pointing out pitfalls and potential problems
  • Addressing potential savings in the area of data management
  • Presentation of an ideal IT blueprint for predictive intelligence
  • Introduction of a corresponding competence model for Predictive Intelligence
  • Integration of the PI-Online self-test for continuous measurement of own development
  • Empowerment for independent implementation of the Data Management Excellence Journey for one's own organization or unit, even and above all without prior knowledge, without IT training or a degree in mathematics, statistics or data science.

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