Chrissie Gale

Applying Safe Behaviours: Preventing and responding to peer violence

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What is the course about?

Unfortunately, around the world, children and young people sometimes harm each other.  This is called peer on peer violence. It might take the form of teasing, bullying, intimidation, or even physical and sexual abuse.

In order to support children and young people affected by peer on peer violence, SOS Children’s Villages has created this FREE short course, forming part of the ‘Applying Safe Behaviours: Preventing and Responding to Peer Violence’ project. This project is taking place in Belgium, France, Italy, Romania and Spain.  

The content of this course was developed using information kindly provided by children and young people from these countries who shared their ideas about peer on peer violence.

What will you learn?

You will explore some of the reasons children and young people think peer on peer violence happens and what they would like adults to consider when supporting children and young people who have been affected by it.   

You will find out about:

  • what peer on peer violence is 
  • where peer on peer violence happens 
  • what makes children and young people vulnerable to peer on peer violence
  • the importance of understanding children and young people’s behaviour when they have been affected by violence and how they want adults to support them 
  • what children and young people think would help prevent and protect them from peer on peer violence.

This information will help us all in our responsibility to care for and protect the children we know. 


What is the target audience?

Whether you are a parent or other caregiver, someone working in a profession that has a responsibility for the care, support and protection of children, or perhaps you are someone else with a general interest in the topic, this course is here for you.

Course length 

It should take no more than 65 minutes to complete. You can do it at your own pace, meaning you can stop and start at any time. When you complete the course you will be able to download a free course certificate.

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