Rethinking 'Us' & 'Them': Integration and Diversity in Europe

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Do you feel like part of the 'Us' or the 'Them'?

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Tell us: Where do you fall on the ‘Us’ and ‘Them’ spectrum?

In this chapter, you've seen many examples of how diversity is understood and contested in Germany and Canada. We imagine you may want to comment on what you've heard and maybe even share your personal experiences. The 'Us' & 'Them' course community would love to hear from you:

Here are some guiding questions to draw from:

  • How is diversity perceived in your country?
  • How are the communities you identify with (race, color, ethnicity, national origin, religion, disability, sex, gender...) represented in media and public life?
  • What examples can you mention or find that indicate your inclusion or exclusion from mainstream society?
  • What experiences have you had where others perceived you in a certain way based on how you look or where you come from? Were these correct or incorrect?
  • Does your country recognize itself as a country of immigration and in which ways? Do you see your country as a country of immigration?

Now what?
Click 'Start in Journal', and fill out the entry. How you do this is up to you: You can use just words, or add pictures or links to articles or videos to highlight your point!

Is this journal assignment required?
No! Nothing in our course is 'required', and there are no grades, but we encourage you to reflect on these topics and share if you feel comfortable, so that others in the course can benefit from your experiences.

I am ME

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Samah is my name. In Arabic Samah means forgiveness. I forgive but I do not forget!
Ugarit Souria is my Facebook name. Ugarit is the ancient name of Lattakia - the old port town in Syria. Souria is the old name of Syria.
I chose to be Moslem when I was 26 and started being covered to show love of Allah/God and to tell my people that Islam is not something we inherit. I read about religions and tried to understand what is between lines to distinguish between what is holy and what is man-made. Doing so, colored my experience.
Frankly speaking, the guiding questions do not guide me! Should I talk about Syria or Germany? Let me whisper something! In Syria, I am Them & in Germany, I am Them, too.


avant presque 2 années

"Let me whisper something! In Syria, I am Them & in Germany, I am Them, too." Thank you for sharing this. This course is very much an exploration of what it takes in terms of individual thinking, actions and government policy to move from 'Them' to a 'We'. As we all share different backgrounds, the Journal sections allow you to share your take on issues being discussed, just like you did. Thank you. Julia

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