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Visual mapping and 6W's

It is time for you to create your own visual map or a 6W's text!

For this practice, we would like you to imagine you just started the job of your dreams in a really cool start-up. Today, over lunch, your colleagues are talking about quick-wins and long term strategy. Someone turns to you and asks: "What were your three biggest successes in your previous job?"

We know this is a very improvised short speech, which is why we would like you to think about it in visual terms or through the 6 W's techniques.

Remember to upload it to your journal and share screenshots of your outputs! Be creative and imaginative, it is your chance to be as virtually successful as you want :)

6W's Text : Ex software developer in a big software house

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What? about my best successes at my previous job
how ?personally in front of them
whom? my new collegues
when? during the lunch
where? at the cafeteria
why? because they want to know more about my carrier since that i'm new there

as you know i worked for a big software house, i was the person who had to bring new ideas.
The best successes were when i created a new app that inform you if some of your friends(every one is friends of you on this app) are next to you. If they are near, the app send you a notice. You know then if they are near on the street, inside a bar (automatic check-in) and so on. it works pretty good in the big cities . You can decide then if you want to meet them or you prefer to change direction. This app needed 2 years of development. The second success was when i solved the big problem of my boss. He had so much success but didn't have the time to be with is family, so i developed an app that let him be everywhere with his family and in the same time have everything under control. I just put 50 cameras in the building and a spysoftware in each computer.
When someone is doing something out of his normal job (like Facebook, blogging or even nothing for more then 1 hour ) the spysoftware send an notice to the boss with the information about what was the developer doing. When the boss open this app, he can see all the notices and do something or not (through his deputy manager) and in the same time he can control everything he want with all this cameras. Even the developers work more then before since they know about this spy system. My third success is when i came here. I can say that i like you already and i love the feeling of freshness of this place. I'm sure we will work good together.

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