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Scaling Exercise

Do you know this problem? You are drawing and coming up with an amazing pictograph, and then it is either too small or too big for you to use in your context. But how can you change it? The answer is scaling!
Watch the video and learn how to use a frame for scaling your drawings and how easy it is to make them smaller or bigger.
Then, try it out yourself.
Do you have more tips and tricks for this? Let your fellow course participants know!


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I personally don't like 3x3 grids, I prefer 2x2, which also makes it easier to split into another 2x2 grid, having 4x4 grids. I just think it is easier that way.


For the drawing to scale I used a Blue Thin Marker and for the grids and scaled replicas I used HB pencil.


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Hi, Rafel! Sure - whatever works best for you is fine! the 2x2 is definitely easier for easier icons - the more complex it gets the more fields you might want to have in your grid. If the 2x2 works well for you than that is the best one!

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