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»in the way, Professor Davis is describing the process in this MOOC. I'am impressed how professionally and clear-cut this work is in progress. This is, I believe, the right way to proceed in fi…


Paul Oberressl, 06. Mars 17

»Surely, today's archeologists have a significantly different approach to the work on Stonehenge. The fascinating difficulty to clear the view, to lighten the fog surrounding Stonehenge has mov…


Paul Oberressl, 28. Fév 17

»Dr. Davis does a great job in making Stonehenge more understandable for a layman like myself. A very interesting MOOC indeed, thanks.

Very convincing

Paul Oberressl, 23. Fév 17

»I believe, we should think of such monuments as a biased thing. Since we're not able to tell what the builders had in mind using such tremendous effort to erect those objects, we cannot be sur…

It is both

Paul Oberressl, 20. Fév 17