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The most successful programs we've run have included both elearning, for knowledge transfer and to fill gaps highlighted by online assessments, as well as collaborative face-to-face sessions to apply that conceptual knowledge to specific roles and/or business challenges.

Learner motivation is a continual challenge. We find that in every group there are 10% of learners who jump onboard quickly and complete their online modules, and another 10% who may never engage. The rest of the group needs prodding to complete the online portion of the program.

I've always thought f2f was a necessary component of the programs we run for corporate clients (while elearning has become more accepted over the years, there is still a perception that f2f is more effective). But I'll now think about how we might use a digital-only approach, and use webinars for the collaborative aspect of training. Or - maybe formal training does need a f2f aspect, and it's the 70:20 portion of learning where digital-only methods might have the best result? Will need to ponder that one!

In order to increase learner engagement with digital/self-paced learning, there needs to be a clear WIIFM (what's in it for me) message, and the content needs to be relevant to their roles, and help them increase performance.


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Thanks for sharing these interesting insights into your experiences with corporate digital learning.
In addition, I think that co-creation of knowledge between learners can be a great opportunity to enhance the "what is in for me" meassage. I wonder how to motivate learners to reflect an the content and share their experiences among each other

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