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Journal Exercise: #140characterchallenge

Write down the biggest challenge you have faced in the context of (corporate) digital learning and share it with the course in your journal (make sure your settings are not set to private). Write it in the form of a short twitter post or text message and find a hashtag for it. Maybe you also have a picture or an image related to it? Upload your text with a nice visual and make sure to check and give feedback on other journal entries as well.

Start your #140characterchallenge now!

Biggest challenge

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In my experience, the biggest challenges to CDL are motivating people to be responsible for their learning and being engaged enough to continue. The main barrier we hear is time.


avant environ 4 années

in the era of corporate "busyness", you are absolutely right: Time is a big challenge. According to your above statement the question is: How can we make the equation "attraction+motivation+engagement+satisfaction" become bigger than the "time spent". I think we will have some very interesting discussion during the 2 weeks of chapter 3.


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