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In the work environment we currently use a number of learning formats
these exist by
-class room based training using ppt
-ppt lead by the line leaders using a facilitator guide
-online learning using software such as bablewire or captivate
-online mandatory tests
-on the job coaching by functional experts in that field

In the past we have not got much benefit from mandating courses as the learning is pushed into something they don't want to do. This results in the learner often not paying attention or doing other work while pretending to be involved in the learning

The volume of learning in my corporate business is in the thousands and geographically spaced across all of Western Australia, as such we have started to use more and more of online learning world.

Some of the learning to date for the online learning has been to invest in time selling the concept of whats going to be learnt so the learners want to know more about that topic... From then through various communication methods such as meetings , emails and forums share the availability of the online modules and explain the key elements and the why.

To keep the the learners engaged throughout the online modules we have introduced:
- interactive games
- story lines that relate to concepts other than work - e.g holidays, traveling etc
- adding short questions to recap on key learning outcomes
- putting buttons or objects into the module to click on. This keeps them engaged with the screen.

Only time will tell how successful this is as I am often cautious that it becomes the one hit wonder or something that is quickly forgotten....

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