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»It looks as though humanity became more competitive and violent with the advent of the bronze age, and the whole concept of value became monetized and weaponized. It's tempting to romanticize …

One step forward, two steps back

Lydia Hallard, 18. Mars 17

»Trust Blake to see Stonehenge primarily as a feat of engineering hubris, while just about everyone else ever sees it as a mysterious assertion of the ineffable. I love Blake and of all people,…

Ratio or Divine Spirit

Lydia Hallard, 18. Mars 17

»From a million years ago to 10,000 years ago, to 4500 years ago, to some time before the common era, is too big a range with too few stories. People like Geoffrey, who make claims and spin tal…

Humans like narratives: Geoffrey of Monmouth

Lydia Hallard, 17. Mars 17

»Totem: The idea that the stones moved as the people did, from Marlborough Downs and from Wales, is analogous to the cultural nostalgia or conservatism apparent among many groups of colonists o…


Lydia Hallard, 12. Mars 17

»Not only the space of Stonehenge but the time has also been expanded for me in this unit. That there was a mesolithic culture in the environs, that the ground was known, used and celebrated fo…

the bigger scene

Lydia Hallard, 23. Fév 17