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Chapter 2 Journal Activity

Who, what, where, when, and why? The questions of Stonehenge.

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Many different solutions to the questions of Stonehenge have been suggested as we have gained knowledge through archaeological discoveries. When asking the question 'who built Stonehenge', I personally believe the revolutionary neolithic people were responsible. When it comes to the question of how the stones were transported and how they were erected, I am not convinced by the glacial erratic theory due to the accuracy for the stones, but am instead believe man power was the answer. Although a large team with needed for this as well as a lot of resources such as rope and boats, I like to believe that the neolithic people were motivated to create such a stone circle. The question of how the stones were placed if in my opinion the easiest question to come up with a possible solution as experiments have shown that the use of wooden planks, leavers, and beams to raise such heavy stones possible, although it is impressive that the neolithic people were able to do this with such accuracy, especially on a sloped surface. The question possibly the hardest to answer is why. There are no real answers to this question and instead a lot of room for imagination. Stonehenge could have been an observatory, a burial place, or a temple. In my opinion I believe Stonehenge was multi-purpose and may have meant different things for different people as time moved on and society developed. Without these unanswerable questions, Stonehenge would most likely not be as popular as it is today as people like to conspire and the imaginative side of Stonehenge has been able to contribute to its charm.

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