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Create A Storyline and Storyboard For Building Up A Learning Center

Building up a learning center

This is your task for creating the story:

Your company (a large multinational) has decided to go into sustainability and social engagement.
They want to specifically engage by building a learning center in Cambodia or the Philippines.
The learning center should be in an area where many families can reach the learning center easily but it should also not be an overly crowded area (town) in which similar services might already exist.
The learning center can include different offers or services such as a library, some IT equipment, social areas where people can hang out and meet or even a small cafeteria.
It is up to you to decide upon the specific portfolio of offerings or services that the learning center should include.
You also have to envision how this learning center should be included in the local communities and how this can fit into the development of this (probably) rural area.
Try to think about which people to include in this process (decisionmakers) and how this overall approach can benefit different groups of people.

For your task, you can now choose between two alternatives:

Alternative Nr 1: Selling the project inside your company

For this alternative, you take the internal approach. You will have to present this project to your company and managing board. What storyline and arguments can you come up with that make this project valuable for your company? Think of a storyline that has about 4-5 arguments or steps.

Alternative Nr 2: Selling the project to the villagers where the learning center will be opened

For this alternative, you take the external perspective and you have to think hard and consider, why people would like such a learning center at all and how that can contribute to their everyday life and needs. What can you offer them that will be a real benefit and what would good arguments for that be?

For both alternatives, take this approach for your storyline and storyboard:

First, brainstorm potential arguments for your storyline. You can have a larger list from which you will later on select the most important arguments. Your list can have 10-20 or even more thoughts at the beginning. Do not be too critical but just collect what seems important for you!

Then, choose the 4-5 main arguments for your storyline. What are the main points that you would mention inside your company and how would that fit with your company purpose?

For each of those main arguments, think about some underlying thoughts, arguments or facts that will help you to substantiate your main argument!

Then, start developing your storyboard! Make a table or simply divide a page into two columns: On the left side, write down your main arguments - on the right side, make a small sketch (thumbnail) of how that could be visualised - think about and use all the skills you already have at hand: visuals such as icons, people, faces, containers, connectors, but also text elements. Start off with a very rough version - just to see how the overall flow is going! Then, add up some detail but not too much at this stage.

Once you are happy with the flow of your arguments and the visualisation you have roughly sketched, you can work on the five storyboard visualisations in more detail.
Now, for each of the steps of your story, you can create individual visualisations, based on your first sketch and thumbnails. At this stage, you can add more detail and also do larger versions of your visualisation!

Please upload:

- The initial version of your storyboard, which is the overview and rough sketches

- 4-5 final visualisations that are more elaborate and really carry your storyline

For inspiration for this task, please take a look at this great organizations that really engage in creating social value and building up learning centers:



The company Badones or bad ones

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