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Chapter 2 Journal Activity

Not convinced

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There have been a good number of respected solutions to the How? and Why? questions over the years, many of which have been later disproved. All of this seems to be speculation and none of it convinces me. I would love to get involved in some experimental archaeology to have a go at moving the stones. I was very impressed by the video clip of the American guy moving and raising huge weights on his own, and I bet I could crack it given time and resources. I would not need anywhere near 1000 years or 500 men.

The When? seems to be convincingly resolved by carbon dating and I am dying to learn about the By Whom?


avant plus de 2 années

Sadly carbon dating may not be as accurate as it likes to think it is :-(
The whom is us, Homo Sapiens, our direct ancestors :-)
Good luck with the experimental archaeology, its great fun.
Kind regards

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