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Drawing Animals by Numbers

Another great doodle exercise is to take a number and turn it into an animal.
Just like in this example:

enter image description here

And can you detect the number here?

enter image description here

Go ahead and turn the numbers 1-10 into animals and let's see your zoo! (Remember to publish your journal entry if the course community is supposed to see your picture.)

my zoo

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my zoo and aquarium


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avant plus de 4 années

What a lovely zoo Beeta! I can't decide which ones are my favourite, but definitely 8 and 10 are in the top!

avant plus de 4 années

Wow, lovely ... My favourite is Nr. 2 :-)

avant plus de 4 années

Thank you all! The most challenging one for me was no. 2. Because all I could think of was some sort of bird. Then all of a sudden I saw a squirrel in my backyard and viola!

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this is nice! I think you could start charging some entry fees! :-)

welcome to the course!!!

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