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Share Your Story! ☝

task: share your story

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Successes: In my experience in online courses more introvert people take an active part and do their assignments. It´s a chance for them to get noticed by the management. Inspite of present trainings where spontaneous verbal contributions are expected, they have the chance to think about the distributed material and then after thinking it trough write their conclusions.

Challenges: As a facilator of an online course it was challenging to interpret the assynchron interaction not negativly. In present trainings you feel the atmosphere and are able to interact spontanously to the group dynamic.

Learnings: Every participant can take an active part, if compfortable with the method. For eLearnings complex interactions are a great plus, because the learner is more active and learning transfer higher.

Recommendation: The different use of methods and distribution of different formats (video, audio, text) reach a variety of learners, also by using it by the learners in the assignments.

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